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Data Recovery

Sooner of Later Your Hard Disk Will Fail!
Some times it is most important to get back what was lost. Anything can happen to your data. A virus, power failure, system cracker or human error can all leave your hard
disk unreadable. Them it's Cosmos Engineeing to the rescue. Usually we can get back what was lost.

If you should accidentally delete some files, reformat your hard disk or lose data for any reason. Shut down your computer - DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT WILL WRITE TO THE DISK. And call us at (310) 581-1536. Almost certainly your data is still in the bits on the disk, it has just gotten 'lost' We have the tools that can find it again.

Vertical Limit The movie Vertical Limit was being "filmed" in New Zealand. Actually on location mountain shots were being videoed by wireless cameras and satellite unlinked to a Linux based RAID5 array server that we built. The server was on the Internet and got hacked. Over 25GB of original "footage" was in jeopardy, including on-location scenes with Chris O'Donnell and Scott Glenn. Some of it had no backup. The season for shooting those scenes had long since pasted.

They had the server shipped from New Zealand to Los Angeles. The Technician's at Cosmos Engineering were able to save the data and keep the project on track.