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SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime

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The SilconDust HDHomeRun PRIME - Three Digital Tuner is an excellent match with the Linux Beach MultiMedia Center for accessing premium cable TV channels on most cable systems when used with the CableCARD you can get from them. It is fully supported by special utilities that come with the LBMC, is completely integrated into MythTV software and it communicates with the system via your Ethernet LAN.
Access Premium Cable TV from any Computer on Your Home Network
Any Computer on Your Home Network

HDHomeRun PRIME is a cable TV tuner for computers &ndash Ethernet attached. Once connected to your home router you can access the HDHomeRun Tuners from any computer, anywhere in your home. Watch / record TV from your family room, kitchen, garage, backyard - anywhere you have a computer.

DLNA Certified

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is responsible for defining interoperability guidelines to enable sharing of digital media between multimedia devices. The types of DLNA devices are categorized as "servers", "renderers", and "controllers&rdquo for accessing media over a network. The HDHomeRun Prime is an industry first acting as a LIVE TV server for digital media renders. DLNA certified renders consists of gaming consoles, media players, and mobile devices. Subscribers can "Watch TV on any screen on your network." HDHomeRun PRIME is an access control device using CableCARD&trade technology supporting PlayReady, WMDRM, and DTCP-IP protected streaming. Watching Premium TV has never been easier. Stream live TV to SmartTV's, Blu-ray players, Media Players, PCs, all-in-ones, Ultrabooks, Android devices, Games consoles (PS3 & XBOX).

Premium Digital Cable TV

HDHomeRun PRIME supports CableCARD&trade conditional access, providing access to the premium cable channels from your PC. Insert an M-Card from your cable provider and you'll be able to watch and record all the digital cable channels you subscribe to, including HD and premium channels in 100% digital quality. Do away with that $16-22 per month set-top box rental.

Phone/Tablet Compatible

The InstaTV Pro for Android app supports direct streaming from HDHomeRun devices on Android devices. More information is in the InstaTV website. InstaTV Pro for Android is available on Google Play.

The HomeRunTV app supports direct streaming from HDHomeRun devices on Android devices. HomeRunTV is available on Google Play.

Portable device apps are not provided by nor supported by Silicondust. Access is limited to non-copy-protected channels.

Windows Media Center

HDHomeRun Prime works with Windows 7 Windows Media Center, providing the full DVR experience. Watch/Pause/Record live TV, schedule recordings by name, set up season passes, and watch any time.

Xbox 360

Don't have a PC next to your TV? No problem. Use an Xbox360 or other Media Center Extender and you'll have access to live TV and all the recorded TV on your main PC.

Technical Information
Three Tuners: Anywhere on Your Network:
  • Watch Cable TV from any computer on your network
  • One-click access to live TV on devices
  • Record full 1080i broadcast resolution
  • Watch, Pause, Record, & Rewind Live TV
  • Schedule and record all your favorite TV shows
  • Expand with multiple HDHomeRun devices
TV Sources:
  • US digital cable TV
Works With Popular DVR Software:
  • Use Windows Media Center, NextPVR, MediaPortal, JRiver Media Center, or MythTV with your HDHomeRun PRIME to have a full PVR solution to replace your cable box
  • Record all your favorite TV shows by name
  • Schedule future or season recordings.
  • Integrated TV guide (provided by the DVR software)
  • Never miss your favorite shows
  • Recordings typically use 4 - 8GB per hour for HD, 1 - 2GB per hour for SD
Works With Existing HDHomeRun Units:
  • HDHomeRun PRIME can be added to existing HD HomeRun devices, to allow for additional tuners in your home network
  • Allows multiple signal input sources on the same network
  • Adds premium channels to your home network
Also Works With (non-copy protected channels only):
  • Windows Media Center on Windows 7/8
  • MythTV 0.25 or later &ndash DVR for Linux/Mac &ndash copy freely channels only
  • NextPVR &ndash DVR for Windows &ndash copy freely channels only
  • MediaPortal &ndash DVR for Windows &ndash copy freely channels only
  • JRiver Media Center &ndash DVR for Windows &ndash copy freely channels only
  • InstaTV Pro &ndash direct streaming on iOS and Android devices + transcoding on a Windows PC &ndash copy freely channels only
  • HomeRunTV app &ndash direct streaming on Android &ndash copy freely SD channels only
  • DLNA-compatible smart TVs and media players
Compatible With:
  • MythTV 0.27/LBMC-1350
  • Windows Media Center on Windows 7 / 8
  • Android 4.0+ devices (SD only) (coming soon)
  • DLNA-compatible devices with DTCP-IP support (e.g. Sony PlayStation 3)
  • US Digital cable TV - 3 tuners, 1 RF input
  • Multistream CableCARD (M-Card) compatible
  • 1000baseT (gigabit Ethernet) network interface (backwards compatible with 100baseTX networks)
  • USB Port for connection to Tuning Adapter (for providers utilizing Switched Digital Video)
  • MPEG2 and MPEG4 / H.264, SD and HD channels
  • 1-Year warranty
  • 100 or 1000Mb Ethernet network
  • PC-based playback requires compatible PC: Windows 7/8 with Windows Media Center, dual (or more) core CPU, modern video card (minimum NVIDIA 9500, ATI HD5000, Intel HD graphics) supporting HDCP, display supporting HDCP, DVI or HDMI connection linking video card with display.
  • 2GB RAM Recommended
  • 4-8GB disk space per hour of HD recording, 1-2GB per hour of SD recording
  • Non-PC devices must support TS format and MPEG2 video
  • Subscription to digital cable service
  • Home network (100 or 1000Mbps, also works with MoCA (adapter not included)
  • CableCARD (M-Card) from your cable provider
Other Info:
  • HDHomeRun PRIME is designed for use with digital cable. It will not work with analog channels, an antenna, satellite, or IPTV services.
  • HDHomeRun PRIME is designed for use with US digital cable utilizing CableCARD technology. It is not compatible with cable systems that do not use CableCARD, including most in Canada and all in Europe.
Price: $169.00