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Linux Solutions

Tux is the way to go!
We have long been innovators in the Linux world. Our specialty is in utilizing Linux and other Open Source software to sculpt real world solutions for business and industry. From cluster farms to embedded systems we have the expertise you need to deploy a cost effective Open Source solution to your problem.

We have unique facilities for combining hardware and software to produce value you can use. We are conversant with audio and video electronics
and know a thing or two about radio and robotics besides. We can combine skills in many disciplines to provide a computer assisted solution.


By providing you with an Open Source solution we put you in control. You will rent no secrets from us. While we will be available for support
and maintenance for as we have since 1984, we will provide you with full source code and documentation on everything we do so that you remain in

For a free consultation, to see if there is a Linux solution for you call (310) 581-1536 and ask for Clay Claiborne or email him at href="">

For an example of our work see this Linux Journal article "Making Inodes Behave" on a project we did for General Dynamics