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Web & Cloud Consulting

Website Hosting

We provide web site hosting to a selective group of Internet content providers. We host exclusively on Linux and provide all the facilities of the Apache web server, perl, PHP and MySQL The L.A.M.P. burns brightly at Cosmos Engineering. Email is also hosted with full spam and virus control.

To have us serve your site please contact us a

Specialist in Hosting Blues Venues and Musicians:

Listen to the Blues!!! A great website is essential these days for anyone making money with music and entertainment these days.

Club owners, your potential clients will use the web to find out about you and sample the atmosphere of your place.  New customers will use it to get directions to your club and returning customers will check your site regularly to find out what's happening and who's playing.

Musicians and bands, fans and club owners will check out you and your music on-line. They can listen to cuts, view videos and read about you on the web. They can contact you via email. They will keep coming back to check your schedule

We can get your domain name, build your website and host it. It you already have a website name we can transfer it to our servers.

Apache and Real Media Servers
Full facilities for Audio and Video download.

We use the latest technologies including HTTPD, SSL, PHP, Mod_Perl & MySQL